Home Owners

Rent your home with ease. Our stress-free management & home concierge services will handle everything.


All encompassing management of your investment property. We ensure that our clients’ properties are filled with only the most qualified tenants who will treat the home as if it’s their own. Any repairs, updates, or emergencies will be fully managed and supervised by our team and any work required will be done by highly reputable trade professionals. This service allows our clients to take a load off and simply collect the maximum returns on their investments.

Long Term

This service is suited toward the owners who have the time to manage their properties and all upkeep and repairs needed, but would like some help with listing the property and selecting reliable tenants that will stay for the preferred lease length.

When listing your property, our photographers will capture the beauty of the space and highlight all of what makes your home great. Our selection process involves double-checking both previous landlord and employment references, investigating character references, conducting credit checks, and holding interviews to ensure that we are filling your home with well qualified, respectful and reliable tenants. Once a lease is signed with a new tenant, our contract would then be fulfilled and the owner would then take over the coordination and management of the property.

Short Term

Short term/vacation rental units include:

  • Prep clean for photography
  • Professional photography
  • Setting up of the listing
  • Inventory and info sheets for the property
  • Design and production of marketing sheets
    for the property

We converse with the guests on all booking requests to ensure that they will be respectful and that the property will be well taken care of. With the exception of some extenuating circumstances, we meet with each guest personally to check them in. During this check in, we show them the property, show them exactly how everything works and answer any questions they may have. We are on call 24/7 for any questions that come up during their stay. Our management fees include all accounting, all monitoring and communication with guests both prior to and during stays, as well as the coordination of cleaning between guest stays.


Do you own a property that you do not wish to rent out but travel often or live in another city part time? Many insurance policies contain a clause that requires unoccupied homes to be regularly checked on and maintained. Our home concierge service will ensure that you stay compliant with this clause and will simply make your life easier. While you are out of town we can provide strata access, winterize your home, hang holiday lights, keep a cleaning and maintenance schedule on track – and best of all, we will happily stock the unit with whatever you need for your return. You’ll never open the fridge to mouldy food and nothing to eat again! We know how much it means for property owners to know that their property is protected and secure in their absence. With Penman Properties, you will always receive the highest possible level of care for your property.


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